The year? 2019

As the tumbleweeds blow through the barren and highly toxic wasteland where once was Britain, a band of marauding gargoils patrols the ruins of a city.

In the collapsed remains of Canary Wharf, a group of intellectuals has garnered for themselves a makeshift device for creating clean drinking water. Working together, they’ve secured a healthy and sustainable food supply.

All that was left to do was to wait for the gargoils to smoke themselves to death in their HQ, The Queens Bajingo.

It would take only a matter of months. Smoking in The Queens Bajingo is insisted upon. A double-ciggy and a pint to worship their fallen hero – who succumbed too young to see his beautiful country taken back from unelected beaurocrats -must be onthe go at all hours, otherwise, fellow gargoils might accuse you of being ‘a member of the politically correct brigade,’ or ‘a loony leftist libutard’ and burn you to death with 1,000 still smouldering Lambert & Butlers from one of the many overflowing ashtrays.

You realise you are on your last legs. You know your fellow Europeanised intellectuals would like to help you. But you also know they’re frightened…

If only you’d bought one of these T-Shirts, when shit was about to start getting messy.

Don’t be that guy.

Buy a t-shirt!*


Because currency ain’t worth a hill o’ beans in post-apocalyptic Britain.

  • At present, we don’t have any t-shirts. You need to fund a Kickstarter for that. Here is the link.